Specifically designed to train students with the skills needed for office management, this programme focuses on providing students with the administrative knowledge required in the workplace.

From this programme, students will learn office work management, problem solving and decision making in a variety of administrative areas and tasks.

This programme takes a total of 12 months, with students spending 3 months in theory lessons and 9 months in industrial training.

Module Summary:

  • Office Administration
  • Front Office Reception
  • Office Finance Handling
  • Office Procurement Handling
  • Office Logistic Handling
  • Office Document Preparation
  • Office Inventory Handling
  • Customer Service
  • Service Appointment Handling 
  • Final Control Inspection 
  • Vehicle Reception Handling  
  • Customer Vehicle Handover
  • Soft Skills*
  • Communication Skills 
  • Thinking & Problem Solving
  • Basic IT
  • English

*endorsed by Sunway University

Career Paths

This programme will provide you with the skills needed to pursue a career as an office administration executive, finance administration executive and finance operation executive. After completing the course, your world of opportunity extends beyond the automotive industry and into all workforces that require administrative executives.

  • Office Administrator
  • Customer Service
  • Finance Assistant
  • Procurement Specialist
  • Inventory Controller
  • Facilities Coordinator

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