Certificate in Motor Vehicle Inspection
(SKM Level 3)


March, June, September, December 2023


This program is open to Malaysian citizens aged 15 years and above 

Aimed to give students a broad range of skills in motor vehicle inspection, this programme runs through vehicle inspection operation and analysis, electrical and electronics inspection, autonomous maintenance and legality in vehicle inspection.

Created to directly address industry needs, students will be trained to have the knowledge and skills needed to start a career as a vehicle inspector.

This programme takes a total of 12 months, with students spending 3 months in theory lessons and 9 months in industrial training. Upon completion, students will receive a Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) Level 3 certification in Motor Vehicle Inspection (Roadworthiness).


As part of the Vehicle Inspection Program, these are the modules you’ll be undertaking: 

NOSS CODE : TP -036-3-2015

Motor Vehicle Inspection (Roadworthiness)

CU 1 :Motor Vehicle Identification Inspection

CU 2 : Motor Vehicle Above Carriage Inspection

CU 3 : Commercial Motor Vehicle Measurement & Weighting

CU 4 : Motor Vehicle Smoke Emission Testing

CU 5 : Motor Vehicle Headlamp Testing

CU 6 : Motor Vehicle Side Slip Inspection

CU 7 : Motor Vehicle Brake Inspection

CU 8 : Motor Vehicle Suspension Inspection

CU 9 : Motor Vehicle Speedometer Inspection

CU 10 : Motor Vehicle Undercarriage Inspection

TVET 1: Communication skills

TVET 2: Principles of management

TVET 3: Basic concepts of information technology

TVET 4: Thinking & problem solving skills

TVET 5: English for oral communication

TVET: English for workplace communication


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This program will prepare you to pursue a career as a vehicle inspector, insurance adjuster, quality control officer, auditor and car buying and selling evaluator.


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