Having revolutionized the used car market, CARSOME is now taking its expertise to build up the future workforce with CARSOME Academy. It’s an emerging automotive technical institute in South-East Asia that aims to develop a generation of highly-skilled technicians to support this thriving industry. 

With a focus on supporting the local community and local industry, CARSOME Academy gives students the opportunity to gain the technical knowledge and real hands-on experience to ease into the automotive industry. 

CARSOME Academy is an accredited Sistem Latihan Dual Nasional (SLDN) training center recognised by Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran Malaysia, and here we are committed in supporting our students to develop their skills and capabilities for a bright future.


To develop a highly-skilled workforce to support our nation’s thriving industry. 

To give equal opportunity to all for a thriving and progressive career. 

To be a leading and respected education institution in the automotive world.

OUR EDGE: Technical & Vocational Education Training (TVET)

With a goal to help students to be industry-ready the moment they graduate, here we offer students with Technical & Vocational Education Training (TVET). In line with the government’s emphasis on increasing our local skilled labor, TVET gives students the opportunity to enter and specialize in a specific field at an earlier age. 

TVET Is a training programme that equips you with technical and vocational education to prepare you for a specific skill, within a specific industry. Here at CARSOME Academy, we offer TVET for those seeking to be a motor vehicle inspector, automotive body and paint technician, as well as office management executive. 

TVET allows students to specialize and get the upper hand in the competitive job market, compared to those who take general degrees. With a combination of technical knowledge and hands-on training, students with TVET are totally prepared for employment and the industry as soon as they complete their programme.


Even though educational institutions are supposed to prepare students so that they can begin to work right after graduation, in reality there is a huge gap between what employers expect from new graduates and the skill set that graduates usually have. Schools provide traditional hard skills needed to complete a given task, but rarely the soft skills which promote productivity, efficiency, and effective communication in the workplace.

At CARSOME Academy, we identify six “future digital skills” that will bridge the gap between education and employment, helping students apply technical skills to their work effectively. Our CRUISE skill set, which stands for Communication, Research and Data Analysis, Understand the Business, Innovation, Selling, and Emotional Intelligence, will help students grow in their working life and be successful in their careers. Students will have the opportunity to learn about these skills on our online platform which caters to modern learners’ needs.


  • Our first ever CARSOME Academy in Kelana Jaya was officially launched. Our first training center offers students Sistem Latihan Dual Nasional (SLDN) accreditations and is recognised by Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK).
  • In March of 2022, we expanded into Bangkok, Thailand with our first overseas education center with CARSOME Academy Thailand that received an accreditation from the Office of the Private Education Commision of Thailand.
  • Our overseas expansion continued with CARSOME Academy Indonesia in Jakarta. CARSOME Academy Indonesia was appointed as PLK by Kementerian Ketenagakerjaan Indonesia in March.
  • Constantly evolving to improve and grow, CARSOME Academy Malaysia moved into a new state-of-the-art campus in Kota Damansara. A few months later, CARSOME Academy was nominated for the EXA Award, stamping its reputation as a stronghold in the automotive education sphere.

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